Kristen Caven was, at one time, plagued by muses. The beautiful visions and insistent voices in her head kept her up at night, messed up her house, interfered with her day jobs and often left her exhausted after the ecstasy of creation. She had to learn how not to be a slave to her creative urges, but to embrace them, dance with them, and ride them like a thundering (and/or meandering) herd of horses. Yee hah! 

Kristen quit her last day job 20 years ago to open a graphic design boutique as Cowgirl Creative, offering up all her talents and skills to her clients. Her love for cartooning and illustration were put to good use. As she developed beautiful web designs and marketing materials she found herself also providing business organization and strategy. Her interest in books and skill with words and design evolved into two boutique publishers, Uplift Press and Little Pig Productions.

After spending years helping others align their creative fantasies with reality, she began to face the reality of her creative fantasies.

Kristen’s writing (books, blogs, musicals, etc.) demanded more time and attention. To fit them into her schedule, Kristen nicknamed her creative outpouring Generous Muse and treated it like one of her clients, working it into her schedule and applying business strategy to get her efforts into the world. People are always saying “unleash your imagination,” but Kristen found that she needed to leash hers so that it could pull her forward, not scatter her resources.

Kristen’s Generous Muse newsletter highlights all of the products of her imagination, and this website is where you can connect with her imaginative live events.