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The Flourishing Artist seminars energize artists and writers of all disciplines at every level, providing positivity tools, group coaching, a facilitated mastermind group, and an informed and supportive creative community.

For every kind of artist, building a creative career is a creative project in itself. Furthermore, a creative career is only a part of a creative life. As autonomous entities, artists do not tend to have access to the community, mentoring, and coaching structures that are available to corporate employees; this program addresses their deserving of that support. In addition to giving each other energy and accountability, we will explore different themes at each session surrounding the creative process, the business of art, and optimal human functioning using the psychology of positivity. Artists share common strengths and challenges, and these seminars provide focused resources to help us all upshift into greater personal and professional capability.

Thriving, together, on our path of creativity.

The Flourishing Artist seminars will begin in Fall 2017 at a historic social club in Oakland known for its beauty and serenity. The 3-month program includes a serene, creative retreat, socializing to network and celebrate our progress, and a quarterly banquet/public event to showcase our work.

Each seminar will explore a theme central to thriving as a creative human being, both from an artistic and from a scientific point of view.

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The Flourishing Artist Seminars

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Sample Sessions will run three times this summer. They are a prerequisite for the seminar series. (Fees may be applied to full series; scholarships are available)

  • Sunday, June 4th

  • Wednesday, June 28th

  • Friday July 21st

All sessions run from 4-5:30 p.m at the inspiring, exclusive Bellevue Club on Lake Merritt. Stay for cocktails or dinner on all dates, to network in the club’s private lounge.

Themes and Topics

On the themes outlined by the Masters in Positive Psychology program out of University of Pennsylvania (Positivity, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement, and Vitality,) topics will include juicy questions like “What are my signature strengths,” “How can I cope with rejection” and “Where is my creative sweet spot?” Conversation provides the opportunity to teach research-based techniques about mindset and optimism, meditation and visualization, core brain needs, spirituality and goal-setting.  Curious?


Your Charming Hostess

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Photo by Laurie Gordon

Kristen Caven is a prolific visual, literary and performing artist, a designer and publisher, a philosopher and a teacher with a certificate in applied Positive Psychology. 

The Flourishing Artist series brings together my triple callings to express myself creatively, to educate others, and to create community.”

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Kristen Caven’s Quarterly Creative Convivia!

Mark your calendar for August 9th, 12-2pm: our first event, “La Dolce Vita,” features a duo of delicious divas: Sara Klotz de Aguilar and Alexandra Alisé fresh from Rome!