The Flourishing Artist

Creativity is magic!

Flourishing Skills for Creative Artists

Your work rocks the world. Makes it more beautiful, more funny, more meaningful.

So how’s it going?

Are you getting things done? Are you stuck or confused? Are you distracted? Disorganized? Pissed off by your stupid bank account? Not getting anywhere?

Yeah, that’s so like LIFE!

You’ve heard the saying, “Life Imitates Art” right? (As in, that’s why the world needs you!)

Well, in my experience, Life Irritates Art.

Know what I mean? Just when you’re getting somewhere, there’s ants. Or an accident. Or true love. Distractions come in all flavors, and sometimes they’re totally worth it, but it really takes something extra to get the art out. Life Irritates Art.

That’s one of the twenty-nine reasons I started The Flourishing Artist. It’s a place for artists to learn flourishing skills.

What are flourishing skills? And why on earth do you, of all people, need them?

Take the free introductory session and find out! 

Activating our creative strengths to move from flailing to flourishing.

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Photo by Laurie Gordon

Facilitator Kristen Caven is a supermultidisciplinary creative artist (playwright, comic, poetess, novelist, cartoonist, dancer, essayist, designer and director) with decades of experience working and teaching the science of positive emotion.

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