Creative Convivia

What’s a Convivium? Why, I am SO glad you asked!

An ancient Roman convivium was a special gathering to eat, drink, and hold conversation, with the host inviting interesting people to speak or perform. Kind of like a symposium but more, um, convivial?

Each cohort of The Flourishing Artist will culminate with a banquet luncheon featuring the work of the participants. Every one will be different! And the public is invited to each one.

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Would you like to help create one? Get with the program! Those who complete one season (6 classes) can come back anytime.

The Convivia (that’s the Latin plural) take place at the incredibly elegant Bellevue Club on Lake Merritt. See what we’ve done in the past!

August 9th 2017: La Dolce Vita

Our first Convivium featured lyric soprano Alexandra Alise and jazz chanteuse pianist Sara Klotz de Aguilar, blending their contrasting singing styles into a startlingly sweet new scene. The audience discussed all aspects of The Sweet Life, including the psychology of savoring and the trick of finding the sweet spot. Does icing make everything better? Most agreed it did…until someone brought up oysters.

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3 divas
Chocolate satin with a sweetheart neckline, a candy-strip shift with pearld, and cotton candy pink gown trimmed with sweet lace! Three divas who know how to dress.