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The Flourishing Artist seminars provide artists and writers of all disciplines at every level with a supportive group to learn and practice increasing positivity in their lives and career. Includes group coaching, a facilitated mastermind group, plus space and time to focus on your projects.

The Flourishing Artist Seminars

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3-month Activator
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For every kind of artist, building a creative career is a creative project in itself…and a creative career is part of a creative life. Artists have unique but common strengths and challenges that are not addressed by regular coaching and mentoring programs. The Flourishing Artist seminar series allows artists to explore making positive change among like-minded and inspiring peers.

In addition to giving each other energy and accountability, we will explore different themes at each session surrounding the creative process, the business of art, and optimal human functioning using the psychology of positivity.

Upshift into greater personal and professional capability.

Join award-winning writer and multidisciplinary artist Kristen Caven in discovering the hows and whys of powerful action, drawing on psychological research as well as personal experience and the inspiring insights of other artists, writers, poets, painters filmmakers and philosophers. You’ll not only learn new ways of creating greater happiness in yourself and others, but you will leave this class with new relationships that will bring more learning over time. Artists, especially working together—and especially especially armed with positivity skills—can help transform our highly dysfunctional and dangerous world.

Are you working on writing memoir, short stories, novels, plays, or screenplays? Are you creating paintings, theatrical works or dance performances? Are you ready to activate your growth and grasp some of your potential? Then join us on our journey! You’ll be very glad you did.

Thriving, together, on our path of creativity.

The Flourishing Artist seminars are held at a historic social club in Oakland known for its beauty and serenity.

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All sessions run from 4-5:30 p.m at the inspiring, exclusive Bellevue Club on Lake Merritt. Stay for cocktails or dinner on all dates, to network in the club’s private lounge.

Themes and Topics

On the themes outlined by the Masters in Positive Psychology program out of University of Pennsylvania (Positivity, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement, and Vitality,) topics will include juicy questions like “What are my signature strengths,” “How can I cope with rejection” and “Where is my creative sweet spot?” Conversation provides the opportunity to teach research-based techniques about mindset and optimism, meditation and visualization, core brain needs, spirituality and goal-setting.  Curious?


Creative Growth Activator

Each 3-month seminar series is part of a full creative activation program that includes:

  • Six afternoon seminars themed on these traditional avenues to happiness
  • Six creative work days a.k.a. “Musedays” just focusing on your work.
  • Six glasses of bubbly (with or without buzz) and networking time;
  • Guest speakers and events when available; and
  • Lunch & drinks at your cohort’s culminating Creative Convivium, featuring YOU!

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“With a Flourish,” the Introductory (Sample) Session, is a prerequisite for the seminar series.  Sessions are scheduled when classes are filled.

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Here’s the brochure.
Here’s the Facebook Page

Would you like to try a Sample Seminar? 
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